Bloonchippers were intrduced in BTD5D. and they came back for BTD6!


Path 1Edit

  1. More suction (Bloons are sucked in more.)
  2. Heavy duty suction (Can suck in harder bloons like Lead and Mythril)
  3. Sharper blades (Bloons sucked in will lose 2 layers instead of one)
  4. Wider funnel (Can suck in M.O.A.Bs, BFBs, Z.O.M.Gs, C.T.Ls and D.O.O.Ms (Can only be accessed by hacks))
  5. Acidic juices (Replaces blades with acid. it will dissolve up to MOABS without spitting out any childs)

Path 2Edit

  1. Long range suckage (Increases range of suction)
  2. Quick shredding (shredds bloons faster)
  3. Tri-barrel (Adds 2 more barrels adding more suction)
  4. six power(add 3 more barrels adding more suction)
  5. Supa-vac (sucks in all bloons when activated)

Path 3Edit

1.super sucker-any bloon or moab class bloon sucked will only have to be sucked once to be poped.

2.camo sucker(can suck camo bloons)