The A.T.O.T.W. stands for "Apopalyptic Terror Of The World."

It holds 4 Zepplins Of Mighty Gargantuanness, so it's RBE is 72,625, but it has 8000 hp, twice as much as it's child. Its mother is the S.E.O.B., which holds 4 ATOTWS. It has lasers that it uses to bring down tower health, the less health the towers have, the worse they preform. But the upgrade on supermonkey after the Temple Of The Monkey God ("The Sun") actually uses solar flairs to destroy the lasers, and since The Sun has no stage mass, you can place towers inside of it, and when the ATOTW shoots a laser at a tower inside the sun, the laser will bounce off back at the ATOTW. There is an upgrade for Monkey Village that doubles Tower's health, so they can withstand much more damage. It is Very difficult to pop, so you will need high strength towers to defeat it.