Cost: $340/$360/$380

Path 1:

Multi-Target $370/460/550

Boomerang's can pop up to 7 Bloon's at once!

Glaive Thrower $480/$590/$600

Throw's Glaive's insted of Boomerang's, which can pop up to 12 bloons!

Glaive Ricchot $2300/$2600/$2800

The Glaive Will bounce aslong there is a bloon nearby.

Glaive Lord $8700/$8900/$9000

The 2 Glaive's Around it make it Untouchable!

Path 2:

Sonic Boom $90/$100/$110

Can Cut through Frozen!

Red Hot 'Rangs' $110/$120/$130

Can Cut through Lead!

Gluey Boomer's $130/$140/$150

Can Cut through Glued!

Big Boom's $2000/$2300/$2600

Boomerang's and Glaive's Now do Boom's that pop more bloons! (stacks with multi target and glaive thrower. new pop: 22.)

Path 3:

Camo Gogles $400/$500/$600

Allow's The Boomerang thrower to detect Camo bloons. Does not grant detection to other towers.

Double Ranga $600/$700/$800

The Boomerang thrower throw's 2 boomerang's at once! (can also use with Glaive's)

Lightsaber Thrower $3400/$3500/$3600

Throw's Lightsaber's insted of Boomerang's that pop more bloon's (pop with lightsaber: 80)

Triple Ranga $4000/$4500/$5000

The Boomerang Thrower Throw's 3 Boomerang's at once! (again, can use with the other ones.)