Cost: $1200/$1300/$1400

Description: Uses Dark Power to Pop bloon's, Can Upgrade to Dark God and More Speical Things! Also can infuse the bloon's with too much power so they POP!!

Path 1:

Dark Eyesight $500/$550/$600

Can pop Camo and Longer Range!

Dark Bolt $700/$750/$800

Insted of a powerful dark ball now uses a dark bolt of lighting that can pop more Bloons! (pop: 5 Pop Bolt:8 Total pop:13.)

Black Panther $1200/$1300/$1400

When Bloons are close to it, it uses Claw's that can pop up to 8 Bloons!

Black Panther II (2) $4000/$4500/$5000

The Claws Spread Further and pop up to 12 bloons now!

Path 2:

Longer Range $260/$340/$420

Range Becomes Longer Than Normal.