Cost: £170/£200/£230

Path 1:

Explosive Darts £340/£400/£460

Darts explode on their last pop.

Dart Frills £1000

Darts fire two 0-0-0 darts diagonally backwards on their last pop.

Triple Darts £700

Fires 3 darts.

On Dart 9 £6300

Fires 9 darts.

Path 2:

Piercing Darts £100

Darts pop 2 bloons.

Razor Darts £200

Darts pop 3 bloons.

Outer £2000

Darts pop 5 bloons.

Triple 20 £5000

Darts pop 12 bloons.

Path 3:

Faster Shooting £400

Speed x1.5

Enhanced Eyesight £400

Range x1.5, can see camo.

Sharper Darts £1200

Darts pop 2 layers.

Tournament Strength Player £8000

Speed x3, Range x3, can pop 3 layers.

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