Glue Gunner $255/$345/435

Path 1:

Sticker Glue $100/$150/$200

Glue lasts longer than normal.

Glue Splatter $1870/$2400/$2870

Insted of glueing 1 bloon, splats 6 bloons at a time!

Glue Hose $3040/$3670/$4650

Shoots glue 3x as fast!!

triple the trouble

now he has 2 more glue hoses

Path 2:

Glue Soak $120/$170/$230

Glue Soaks through all layers of bloons!

Corrsive Glue $260/$340/$460

Bloons pop 2 Times every second!

Bloon Dissolver $1870/$2400/$2870

Bloons pop 5 times every second!

Bloon Liquefier £6000

Bloons pop 18 times every second!

Path 3:

2 Glue It $870/$960/$1050

Gains a secound glue hose! Fires two blobs of glue every time.

Super Glue £2000

Glue cannot be removed, even in a tornado! Can slow Ceramics.

Gorilla Glue £3000

Can stick to Zeppelins!

The Glue Touch £4000

Glues bloons that touch a glued one. Unlimited glue.