The Ice Tower freezes bloons in it's range. Can't freeze MOAB class bloons, white or zebra bloons. Costs 450.

Path 1:

Ice Tower Plus: Attacks quicker and has longer range! 300

Snap Freeze: Bloons pop once when frozen! 400

Arctic Wind: Any bloons nearby are slowed, and the freeze effect is huge. 1850.

Viral Frost: Any bloons touching frozen bloons are frozen, even white or zebra bloons! 4500

Path 2:

Permafrost: Bloons are slowed even after freezing! 100

Deep Freeze: Affects 2 layers. 300

Piercing Freeze: Affects 5 layers. 1500

Hyper Freeze: Affects all layers, and can affect MOABs. 12500

Path 3:

Brittleness: Frozen bloons pop again after they are thawed by a weapon! 450

Ice Trail: Bloons are frozen for longer. 350

Ice Shards: When thawed, bloons shoot 8 shards that pop nearby bloons. 2000

Absolute 0: Bloons are frozen for ages, and lose 3 layers when thawed! 9000