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There will be a new chain of upgrades,these will be the new upgrades.You can upgrade every upgrade on tier 3 but only 1 on tier 4

Dart monkey upgrade chain 3:
1st:Faster popping- cost (medium) 250
Desc: Increases the dart monkey?s attack speed by 15%.
2nd: ice-breaker- cost(medium) 170
Desc: allows the dart monkey to break through frozen bloons.
3rd: piercings- cost(medium) 350
Desc: Allows your dart monkey to pop lead bloons
4th: super fast dart throwing- cost(medium) 1700
Desc: Allows your dart monkey to throw darts twice as fast.

Tack shooter Upgrade chain 3:
1st:sharper tacks- Cost (medium) 280
Desc: Allows the tacks the tack shooter shoots to pierce through 1 bloon.
2nd: Even sharper tacks- Cost (medium) 360
Desc: Allows the tacks the tack shooter shoots to pierce through 2 bloons.
3rd: mini bombs- cost (medium) 890
Desc: Periodically shoots out mini bombs. (shoots bombs every 5 sec w/o faster shooting, 4.5 sec with faster shooting and then 3 sec with even faster shooting)
4th: tack explosion- cost (medium) 1080/ ability CD:20 sec
Desc: covers a wide area around it and pops up to 40 bloons. Doesn?t affect MOAB-type bloons.

Sniper monkey Upgrade chain 3:
1st: steady pacing ? cost (medium) 400
Desc: Allows your sniper monkeys to have a chance of decreasing the bloons health by 50% (doesn?t affect moab-typed bloons.) The chances are (after you buy this upgrade) 10%.
2nd: deadly shots- cost (medium) 600
Desc: Allows the sniper monkey to have a chance to slow down the bloon/moab when striking. (Doesn?t work on ZOMG) Chances: 40%
3rd: stunning shots- cost (medium) 900
Desc: Allows the sniper monkey to have a chance to stun the bloon that it hits when striking. (doesn?t work on moab-type bloons) chances: 30%
4th: Disable ? cost (medium) 1800
Desc: When a bloon is shot by this sniper, the bloon will immediately stop at a certain rate for 1 second (and if it is going to be popped, it stops before being popped) and the other bloons will stop behind it as well. Chances: 20%

Boomerang Tower upgrade chain 3:
1st:Faster throwing- cost (medium) 300
Desc: Increases the boomerang tower attack speed by 10%
2nd: Wider returns ? cost (medium) 350
Desc: increases the boomerang tower range by 10%
3rd: double throw- cost (medium) 900
Desc: gives a chance to throw another boomerang when attacking. Chance: 40%
4th: light saber throw ?cost (medium) 2500
Desc: dispenses with the boomerang and glaives, and uses light sabers instead, slicing through 150 bloons each throw

Ninja monkey tower upgrade chain 3:
1st: Flexible stars ?cost (medium) 300
Desc: Allows ninja monkey to use stars that can slice through ice.
2nd: Thermite- cost (medium) 500
Desc: Allows ninja monkey stars to melt through lead
3rd: Triple damage ? cost (medium) 1600
Desc: Allows the ninja monkey stars to do triple damage to ceramic bloons
4th: MOAB stars- cost (medium) 2750
Desc: These stars are specially made for MOAB, Dealing 5x damage to them

Bomb tower upgrade chain 3:
1st: Faster reload ?cost (medium) 350
Desc: increases the bomb towers attack speed by 5%
2nd: homing bombs ?cost (medium) 650
Desc: the bombs are specifically made to go directly to the bloons.
3rd: Double blast ? cost (medium) 1800
Desc: double bombs per shot!
4th: Deadly Raid ?cost (medium) 6000/ ability CD: 25 sec
Shoots 15 bombs in the air and when they come down, they pop all the bloons in the map and deals 20x damage to MOABS.

Ice tower upgrade chain 3
1st: faster freeze ?cost (medium) 300
Desc: Increases the ice tower attack speed by 10%
2nd: super freeze ?cost (medium) 1000
Desc: Gives the ice tower a chance to freeze white bloons and zebra bloons, Chance: (for white) 60%, (for zebra): 40%
3rd: softer freeze ?cost (medium) 850
Desc: Makes the freeze less dense, allowing all towers to pop the frozen bloons from that tower. But decreases the freeze time by 5%
4th: Frost bite ?cost (medium) 2500
Desc: Any bloon froze from this tower will be popped 1 time every second for 8 seconds. As well as increases the radius of the ice tower by 20%.

Glue gunner tower upgrade chain 3:
1st:Stronger glue ?cost (medium) 250
Desc: Makes the glue more stronger making bloons go even slower by 5%
2nd: even stronger glue ?cost (medium) 500
Desc: Makes the glue so strong to where even ceramics get slowed, as well as decrease the bloon speed by another 5% (stacking)
3rd: MOAB glue ?cost (medium) 2200
Desc: The glue made can now slow down even the biggest moab / can glue moab-type bloons.
4th: ZOMG glue ? cost (medium) 12500
Desc: The Glue Seeks the nearest engines of the moab bloons and destroys it. Doing 5 damage every sec to moab-type bloons and 10x damage every sec to the ZOMG.

Monkey buccaneer upgrade chain 3:
1st: Sharper darts ?cost (medium) 350
Desc: Can pop up to 8 bloons each shot
2nd: steel-tipped darts- cost (medium) 550
Desc: Allows the monkey buccaneer to pop ice bloons.
3rd: mini super monkey upgrade ?cost (medium) 2350
Desc: A boards a IN-TRAINING super monkey, shooting independently. (The in-training super monkey only shoots 4 darts/sec.)
4th: triple shot- cost (medium) 3000
Desc: Increases the monkey buccaneer range and shoots 3 darts per shot.

Monkey Ace upgrades chain 3:
1st: More darts- cost (medium) 550
Desc: Increases the amount of darts shot by 2
2nd: Piercing darts- Cost (medium) 1000
Desc: Allows each dart to pierce through 1 bloon layer.
3rd: Snipers- cost (medium) 3000
Desc: A boards a sniper (2/2) and the sniper monkey attacks independently
4th:ceramic darts ? cost( medium) 4000
Desc: Deals 4x damage to ceramics, as well as increase the attack speed of the darts of the monkey ace shoots as well as the sniper monkey by 10%

Super monkey upgrades chain 3:
1st: Faster shooting ?cost (medium) 2500
Desc: Increases the attack speed of the super monkey by 10%
2nd: Camo vision- cost (medium) 2500
Desc: Allows the super monkey to see camo bloons, as well as give camo detection to other towers.
3rd: Sharpen senses- cost (medium) 3500
Desc: Allows all super monkey attacks pierce through 3 bloons each shot.
4th: super buff- cost (medium) 15000
Desc: Gives the towers in the super monkey radius +15% range, attack speed, +1 pierce and increase amount of cash you get per pop by 25%. Yes it can stack with the monkey village.

Monkey apprentice upgrade chain 3:
1st: ice ball- cost (medium) 300
Desc: Makes strong ice balls that pierce up to 5 enemies each.
2nd: ice ball enhancement- cost (medium) 550
Desc: Makes the ice balls freeze every bloon that it pierces through, as well as pierce through lead.
3rd: Icy path- cost (medium) 1500
Every few seconds, the monkey apprentice will cast an ice spell and makes bloons go 25% slower, as well as pop them every sec for 4 seconds. Intervals: 5 seconds.
4th: ice storm- cost (medium) 8000
Every minute the monkey apprentice will cast an ice storm spell, popping every bloon in the map, Doesn?t affect MOABs.

Monkey village upgrade chain 3:
1st: popping layers- cost (medium) 1000
Desc: Allows each tower that?s in its radius to pop through 1 layer of the bloon.
2nd: slow-motion- cost (medium) 2000
Desc: all bloons within radius of the monkey village will be slower by 25%.
3rd: ceramic destroying technique- cost (medium) 4500
Desc: Gives all towers in radius do 4x more damage to ceramic bloons.
4th: Moab over- annihilation base- cost (medium) 14000/ability cd: 60 seconds
Desc: Gives all towers within radius do extra 10 x damage to MOABS for 20 seconds

Banana farm upgrade chain 3: (had a hard time trying to come up with this one)
1st: fast-growing bananas- cost (medium) 250
Desc: decreases the intervals of each banana given in each round by 25%
2nd: better round income- cost (medium) 500
Desc: Increases each round?s income by 15%, also each round will add an extra +1 money as well. (ex: round 1: +1 extra gold, round 2: +3 extra gold, round 3: +6 extra gold, etc,etc.)
3rd: Even higher round income- cost (medium) 1200
Desc: each round will now give an extra 300 gold.
4th: over-rated round income- cost (medium) 6000
Desc: now gives +1000 more gold each round.

Mortar tower upgrade chain 3:
1st: small bits- cost (medium) 280
Desc: Once the bomb has exploded, 4 bits of it will split off diagonally and pop additional bloons.
2nd: 8 bits ?cost (medium) 350
Desc: Rather then 4 bits splitting off, 8 bits will split off
3rd: MOAB crusher- cost (medium) 1600
Desc: makes the mortar tower bombs do 3x more damage to Moabs every 3 shots
4th: double bombs- cost (medium) 5600
Desc: Allows the mortar tower to fire TWO bombs at once, but then again, it takes extra time, decreasing the attack speed by 15%.

dartling gun tower upgrade chain 3:
1st: layer poping- cost (medium) 1300
Desc: Allows each shot to do pierce through 1 layer of the bloon
2nd: seeking darts- cost( medium) 1200
Desc: Each 3rd shot from the dartling tower will seek a bloon out to pop it.
3rd: double shot- cost( medium) 2400
Desc: Allows the dartling gun to shoot two darts at once!
4th: Faster speed- cost (medium) 4000
Desc: Increases the barrel spin of the dartling gun by 25%

Spike factory upgrade chain 3:
1st: longer range- cost (medium) 300
Desc: Increases the spike factory range by 5%
2nd: the third- cost (medium) 700
Desc: Every 3rd tack throw out, increases the number of tacks by 3x.
3rd: double pain- cost (medium) 1000
Desc: each tack has now 1.5x the amount it will have (ex: if you have bigger stack upgrade then you will have 15 per tack rather then 10)
4th: mini tack attack (medium) 4000
Desc: shoots 4 tacks per second to bloons in the radius of the spike factory.

Road ItemsEdit

Road items can be placed on the track to pop bloons. click the link: (one I find the page name) for more information.

Exploding TowerEdit

Cost:40 Money
If a bloon goes in it's range it explodes

Range:8% of screen

Tower IdeasEdit

Pyro MonkeyEdit

Cost: $800/$900/$1000

Path 1:

Longer Flame

Make's the Pryo Monkeys's range longer, than normal.


Even Longer Flame

Make's The Pryo Monkey's Range even longer, than normal.


Flame Number Two (2)

The Pryo Monkey shoot's 2 Lane's of Flame.


Deadly Flamethrower

The Pryo Monkey shoot's 4 Lane's of Flame.


Path 2:

Faster Flame

The Pryo Monkey shoot's faster than normal.


Even Faster Flame

The Pryo Monkey shoot's even faster than normal.


High Tech Camo Detector

The Pryo Monkey detect's and shoot's Camo and Tower's in it's Radius can shoot them to.


Flame Infantry

The Pryo Monkey Summons 2 more Pryo Monkeys for help. (the pryo monkeys from infantry have the upgrades your pryo monkey has.)


Path 3:

Combo Burn $800/$850/$900

The Bloons Will pop Multiple Times when hit and only lasts for 10 secs.

Faster Combo Burn $1100/$1300/$1450

The Bloons Will pop Multiple times like last time but lasts for 15 secs.