Ok, I got this idea off another topic, The MOAB Crusher would be a new tower introduced in BTD6. It would cost 4000$/4500$/5000$/5500$ and 6000$ on experts only mode which I'll explain later. It would ONLY affect MOAB class bloons with a major explosion. It destroies MOABs and BFBs, and takes out half of a ZOMGs health.It has to cool down for 10 seconds in between shots. Its upgrades are...

Path 1

1:  Frosted: takes 1 second off cool down time. 250$

2: Snowed in: takes 1 more second off cool down time. 400$

3: Still Shooting: turns into a dart monkey during cool down time. 1000$

4: Never stop: slices cool down time to 1 second. 3500$, unlock at rank 17

Path 2

1: Big Boom: Creamic bloons are quarter cracked if the MOAB was hit by a MOAB Crusher explosion. 500$

2: Bigger Boom: Creamic bloons will now be half cracked. 1000$

3: Even Bigger Boom: only 3 half-damaged Creamics are spawned. 2000$

4: Bloon Boom: Half the Creamics are poped. 3500$, unlock at rank 15

Path 3

1: More range: range increases. 300$

2: Even More Range: range increases even more. 550$

3: BFB inside damage: all MOABs that spawn from a BFB poped by a MOAB Crusher are half killed. 2000$

4: ZOMG Crusher Abilty: kills a ZOMG with one hit.