Cost £510/£600/£690

Pops 2 bloons.

Path 1

Intense Magic £595/£700/£805

Popping power +5, layer +1.

Lightning Bolt £1190/£1400/£1610

Also has a lightning bolt.

Master of Air £5950/£7000/£8050

Tempest Tornado + Tiny Tornadoes.

Path 2

Monkey Sense £600

Range x2.

Fireball £1000

Adds a fireball.

Master Of Fire £7000

Dragon's Breath + permanent Summon Phoenix.

Path 3

Crystal Ball £400

Can see camo.

Water Impediment £1400

Fires water that slows 6 bloons like glue.

Master Of Water £7000

Hydro Cannon fires a beam of water that pops bloons and fires incredibly fast in addition to Water Impediment! Speed=Plasma Monkey for this attack only.

Path 4

Faster Magic £1500

Speed x2.

Earth Power £2000

Stuns a bloon for 3 seconds.

Master Of Earth £7000

Stuns every bloon in its radius every 10 seconds in addition to Earth Power.