Cost: $800/$900/$1000

Path 1:

Longer Flame

Make's the Pryo Monkeys's range longer, than normal.


Even Longer Flame

Make's The Pryo Monkey's Range even longer, than normal.


Flame Number Two (2)

The Pryo Monkey shoot's 2 Lane's of Flame.


Deadly Flamethrower

The Pryo Monkey shoot's 4 Lane's of Flame.


Path 2:

Faster Flame

The Pryo Monkey shoot's faster than normal.


Even Faster Flame

The Pryo Monkey shoot's even faster than normal.


High Tech Camo Detector

The Pryo Monkey detect's and shoot's Camo and Tower's in it's Radius can shoot them to.


Flame Infantry

The Pryo Monkey Summons 2 more Pryo Monkeys for help. (the pryo monkeys from infantry have the upgrades your pryo monkey has.)


Path 3:

Combo Burn $800/$850/$900

The Bloons Will pop Multiple Times when hit and only lasts for 10 secs.

Faster Combo Burn $1100/$1300/$1450

The Bloons Will pop Multiple times like last time but lasts for 15 secs.

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