Cost $340/$430/$530

Full Metal Jacket $500/$600/$700

Can pop 4 layers!

.50 $1200/$2100/$3000

Can pop 7 layers!

Deadly Shots $7560/$8900/$9820

Can pop 18 Layers!

Dead MOAB £60000

Can pop 616 layers!Also stuns MOAB Class Baloons, witch frezzes them for a short time.

Path 1 DONE Path 2 On

Faster Shootin' $400/$600/$800

Shoot's faster than normal.

Night Vision Gogle's $280/$370/$460

Can detect and pop Camo baloons. Does not grant detection to other tower's.

Semi Automatic Rifle $3400/$4500/$5600

Shoot's 3x Faster.

Supply Drop $10020/$12900/$20000

Drops a crate full of CASH $$$$$$$!!!!!

Cash Numbers: 1000 to 5000

Path 2 DONE Path 3 ON

Goo Rifle $400/$500/$600

Laser Rifle $700/$800/$900

Instead of shooting bullets it shoots lasers

Does multiple pops on baloons!

Clever Shootin' $1000/$1230/$1675

Uses 2 rifles at a time.

Exploding Shoots $8000/$9000/$10000

When hit's a baloon, the shot explode's like a mine!

Shock Wave $20000/$25750/$30000

Abilty: Blows every Bloon back and pops a layer!