Cost: 300 Monkey Money Shoots deadly seeking missiles that can pop a huge group of baloons (50/70) Wow!Pro: Instead of seeking missiles, Shoots MOAB maulers That do 10x more damage to MOAB Class bloons than the missiles! They can also pop more baloons and still seek! (pop: 70/90)

Pro: 20/20

Pro 2: MOAB Maulers (Boring a bit) Now shoots out MOAB Assasins Insted of MOAB Maulers which can do 2000 Damage on MOABS insted of just popping them. Can pop more baloons,seek and pop camo bloons, lead bloons, and even frozen bloons! (pop: 90/120)

Pro 2: 25/25

Pro 3: MOAB Assasins (Fun but still need somthing..?) How about ZOMG Killers? These missiles are SOO Awesome they pop up to 300 bloons! they also do 3000 damage on ZOMGS insted of popping them! Also pops all types of baloons! Great for round 85 to 150....ALSO they do 6000 Dmg on BFBS and 8000 on MOABS that almost instantly Pops MOABS!

Pro 3: 30/30