Throws out piles of 5 spikes. Costs 750. Upgrades

Path 1

1: Bigger Stacks $500/$600/$700

Generates bigger stack's of spike's each round, with 10 in each.

Exp: 1000/1000

2: White Hot Spike's $700/$900/$1100

Hot! SOOOO hot can melt through Lead!

Exp: 2300/2300

3: (Final) Spike Ball Stack's $2400/$2800/$3200

Spike Ball's Pop more bloon's!

Exp 4000/4000

Path 2

1: Faster Spike's $700/$800/$900

Throws spikes every 1 second.

2: Super Spikes $1000/$1500/$2000

Throws spikes every 0.5 seconds

3: MOAB killer $5000/$7000/$10000

So strong it can almost kiil a MOAB! Does 10x damage per pile!

Path 3:

Deep Spikes $700/$800/$900

Spikes pierce 2 layers.

Ceramic Crushing Spikes $800/$950/$1100

Spikes do 5x damage to ceramics!

Explosive Charges $10000/$15000/$2000

Spike piles blow up when they're done!

Path 4:

Powerful Throwing $300/$400/$500

If a bloon is hit by a pile of spikes, it pops 1 layer without affecting the pile!

Tack Gun $1250/$1500/$1750

Adds a powerful tack gun that shoots at bloons when they get near to a pile of spikes!

Spike Storm: $10000/$12500/$15000

Covers the track in spikes!