Cost: £3400/£4000/£4600

Path 1

X-Ray Vision £2000

Can pop 1 more bloon and targets Camo.

Laser Vision £3000

Can pop 1 more bloon including frozen.

Plasma Vision £4000

Can pop 1 more bloon including lead.

Sun God £30000

Can pop 11 more bloons and fires 3 beams!

Path 2

Super Range £700

Range x1.2

Ultra Range £1000

Range x1.5

Epic Range £2000

Range x2

Ultimate Legend £15000

Infinite range!

Path 3

Robo Monkey £7000

Fires with both arms.

Power Plasma £12000

Green plasma pops 4 more! (Stacks with Path 1)

Plasmatic Fusion £15000

Red plasma leaves a trail!

Technologcal Terror £20000

Ability does 1000 damage to every bloon in its range.

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