Cost: £255/£300/£345

Path 1:

Faster Shooting: £200

Speed x1.8

Blade Shooter: £300

Shoots blades. Popping power +2, Layer +1

Ring Of Fire: £1500

Shoots fire. Can pop lead. Popping power +357

Flamethrower: £6000

Shoots 8 beams of fire with infinite range in addition to normal Ring Of Fire.

Path 2:

Tack Awesomizer: £500

Popping power x2

Super Range: £200

Range x1.5

Barbed Tacks: £600

Layer +1

Zeppelin Piercer: £4000

10x damage to MOAB-class bloons.

Path 3:

Note: Every upgrade affects everything but Ring of Fire but the speed boosts.

Tack Sprayer: £600

Fires twice as many tacks. Speed x1.1.

Rotating Tacks: £1200

Tack Shooter rotates to get the most popping power for its tacks. Speed x1.2.

Bloon Seekers: £2000

Tacks seek out bloons. Speed x1.3.

Bloon Targeting: £5000

Fires tacks at the bloons themselves. Every so often fires tacks at the first(or whichever target priority) 16 bloons. Speed x1.4.