Description: a dart monkey with a softball instead of a dart

Cost: $205 on medium

Story mode: Even though this monkey wants to be in the Olympics, he wants to put his skill into popping bloons.

Path 1

1. compressed: Popps more bloons. Story mode: He buys a golf ball. Appearence: A dart monkey with a golf ball instead of a dart. Cost: $50

2. expanding: Popps 5 layers of each bloon. Story mode: He realizes the mistake he made, so he buys a beach ball and puts some softballs in it and puts spikes around it. Appearence: A dart monkey with a lumpy beach ball with spikes around it. Cost: $500



Path 2

1. Double: 2x as fast and popping power. Story mode: His little brother wants to join him. Appearence: 1 normal sized dart monkey with the lumpy spiked beach ball and a smaller monkey and smaller lumpy spiked beach ball. Cost: $150




Path 3

1. glasses: Longer range. Story mode: buys glasses to see further. Appearence: Dart monkey with glasses. Cost: $ 200

2. Sun glasses: he now can see camo bloons. Appearence: Dart monkey with sun glasses. Cost: $215



Ability: That's what friends and family are for: 5 monkeys on screen popping with soft balls. Story mode: His big brother, mom, dad, and his friend want to join for a little while. Appearence: 5 monkeys on screen popping with soft balls. Ladies wear pink hats. Cost:$250 Cooldown time: 1 minuite.