Has 2 regular Dart Monkeys.

Cost: £350

All upgrades can be obtained.

Path 1

New Recruits £300

Has 4 Dart Monkeys.

Spy Stations £1000

6 Dart Monkeys are 2-0.

High Pierce £2500

10 Dart Monkeys are 2-2.

Spiked £7000

5 are 3-2 Spike-o-pults with the same fire rate as a Dart Monkey. The other 5 are 2-3.

Heavily Spiked £10000

All Spike-o-pults are Juggernauts without any slowing.

Path 2

Tacked On £5000

Adds a 4-2 Tack Shooter and a 2-3 Tack Shooter.

Booming £11000

Adds a 4-2 Boomerang and a 2-3 Boomerang.

As Super As A Monkey £7000

Adds 2 Super Monkeys.

Even More Super £40000

One Super Monkey is 3-2, the other 2-3.

Path 3

Bombing Range £2500

Adds 2 Bomb Towers and 2 Mortars. The Mortars target bloons, however.

Bombs Away! £2400

Both Bomb Towers are 2-2.

Bomb Force £4500

One Bomb Tower is 4-2, the other 2-3.

The Power Of Mortar £17000

One Mortar is 4-2, the other 2-4 without the ability.

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