This contains all the towers

Costs are for easy mode

It is:

4 upgrades for 3 tiers

3 upgrades for 4 tiers

5 upgrades for 2 tier

Towers from BTD5Edit

Dart Monkey $170Edit

Path 1

Long Range $75

Camo Detection $100 It can detect and shoot camo.

Bow and Dart $425 Fires 2x as fast and has even longer range.

Knockdown $850 Does 10x damage to MOAB-class bloons.

Path 2

Sharp Darts $85 pops 2 bloons

Razor Darts $150 pops 3 bloons

Poison Darts $750 inflicts poison that pops 1 layer per 5 seconds

Explosive Darts $2750 Poison applies over a area and it can pop lead.

Path 3

Double Darts $230

Triple Darts $500

Quad Darts $850

Special Ability: Dart Storm: Everything pops 1 layer. Lead and MOABs not included. $4570

Tack Shooter $300Edit

Path 1

Faster Firing $180

Even Faster Firing $340

Tack Sprayer $480 fires 16 tacks

Tack Spreader $850 fires 32 tacks

Path 2

Radar Tacks $85 Tack Shooter can detect and pop camo

Razor Tacks $150 pops 3 bloons

Flaming Tacks $500 sets bloons on fire

Napalm Tacks $1200 explodes and sets bloons on fire

Path 3

Long Range $85

Longer Range $190

Blade Shooter $350

Special Ability: Grinder Saw: Grinders go across the track for 10 seconds, popping everything including lead. $7650

Sniper Monkey $300Edit

Path 1

Full Metal $340 pops lead and 4 layers

Seven Layers! $1800 pops 7 layers

Extreme Precision $6000 pops 18 layers

MOAB Destroyer $16000 does 100 damage to MOAB and BFB and 1000 damage to ZOMG

Path 2

Fast Fire $340

Night Goggles $255 detect camo

Semi-Automatic Gun $2750 3x as fast

Machine Gun $8880 10x as fast

Path 3

Power Shots $500 it can effect multiple bloons until it has reached its pop limit

Explosive Shots $1750 it explodes when it reaches its pop limit

Daze Shots $2250 it stuns bloons when it hits

Summon Monkey Ace: Summons a 4-2 monkey ace from BTD5 for 10 seconds $33000

Boomerang Thrower $340Edit

Path 2

7 Pops $340

Glaives $440 pops 13 bloons

Richoett $1000 bounces off bloons to pop them

Lightsaber Thrower $2550 destroys lead and pops 173 bloons. Double damage to MOABs

Path 2

Sonic Boom $75

Red Hot $150

Bionic Boomer $1250

Orbit $10000 2 projectiles orbit the monkey while each thrown projectile has 1 orbiting it.

Path 3

Long Range $100

Longer Range $200

Long Orbit Motion $1000 the projectile orbits the monkey once before returning

Jam MOAB: stops 1 moab for 10 seconds $2250

Ninja Monkey $475Edit

Path 1

Long Range $100

Longer Range $225

Double Shot $850

Five Shot $2750

Path 2

Faster Fire $250

Even Faster Fire $450

Stun $1000

Lead Popper $1250

Path 3

Sharp Shruikens $100 pops 2

Razor Shruikens $200 pops 3

Big Large Shruikens $500 pops 2 layers and pops 18 bloons

Frikin Ninja Skills: Fires turbospeed for 10 seconds $2250

New TowersEdit

Special AgentsEdit

m means monkey money

special agents get upgrades in-game

Firebar $65mEdit

Sets things on fire but has low range and it rotates slowly

Path 1

Double Range $250

Triple Range $450

Double Sided $880

Triple Sided $1500

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